Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Words fall from your mouth like stones

I had a bit of an annoying day, I worried too much for absolutely NO reason. And when I got home, we have new next door neighbours, and for the second day in a row they were making a huge noise. For hours. Non stop. I feel like the serenity of my home has been violated. This just added to my stress. If they carry on again tomorrow I'll have to go talk to them and HOPE that they are reasonable people.

I need to calm down and do something fun and silly and uncomplicated

like blowing pretty bubbles

or take comfort with my mischievious doggies, and my fat, contented cat

Maybe I should take some time out to get horizontal, and chill out

to stop thinking about what could go wrong, and trust that everything will will be all right
To let myself feel free and uninhibited

I'll look into my heart, and know that if I need to

I can be bold and poetic, dance in the dark and dance in the light

unfurl my flag, fly my colours

I will stop hiding under sand and unfold into the world

(Picture credits: 1: via Kate Neckel, 2: We heart it, 3: Violet Julia, 5: Vintagephoto, 6-11: Fashion Victims)


  1. Oh, I hope your neighbour situation will sort itself out! It sounds quite bad.

    Such lovely pictures and words, yet again.

  2. I love the mix of pictures and quotes, they're wonderful. I hope your neighbours quieten down soon! x

  3. What perfect photographs...the glitter brow girl looks so interesting, and the kitten is adorable...lovely post.

  4. I adore the Rumi quote. Incredibly poignant.

  5. Such a lovely post, Sarah! I loved Pooh and Piglet's talk!
    I found your blog through Purple Area and I love it!