Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No answers, only questions

I spent the whole day today doing a writing assignment that should have taken me max about 5 hours. You know how it is when you just can't seem to think and every word and idea is like squeezing blood from a stone! And happy day -I discovered that I made a mistake with my photography assignment - so I have to redo the whole thing. It's not that difficult fortunately - it involves setting up three different still lifes, and photographing them at night under different lighting conditions, we have to take 6 photo's of each still life using different camera settings. My next class is tomorrow, so guess what I'll be doing later tonight. So right now, I'm giving myself some leisure time on the computer *yes* and then I'll have some supper and watch some mindless TV, and then redo my photography assignment. Procrastination rocks!!!

(Picture credits: We heart it, Beautefragile; ursofuckinspecial; Tumblrist; pics 4 & 5: Carl Bengtsson via Ru Photo)


  1. i hope you're pleased with your writing, and good luck with the photography assignment too.

    lovely photos - i love the quote image.

  2. Sarah, I'm with you on the tv pleasuredome...hee* Lovely visuals especially the simple map hearts- so charming!

  3. That's actually a rather interesting assignment... You should post some of your photography, it'd be nice to see! :)

    Love the simplicity of the 4th picture, truly beautiful.

  4. I HATE when I'm expecting something to take a small amount of time and then it takes hours!!! These photos are GORGEOUS!

  5. i'm one of the biggest procrastinators of all time. I sometimes finish my assignments an hour before class. beautiful images btw.


  6. Oh my gosh, that photo of the girl with the butterfly in her hair... that's so beautiful. i love it.

  7. i love your blog.. and this post since it deals with procrastination.. :-) hehe..



  8. i LOVE the 4th and 8th pictures!


  9. Beautiful pictures! Maybe you'll share with us the result of your photo assignment...sounds very interesting!

  10. Woah these are gorgeous. All of it is.
    Thanks for the comment. :)

  11. I am so in love with the pictures you select, my inspiration folder is constentley growing! Thanks for the link!

  12. Procrastination really is the best. Feels so bad but so good at the same time haha! Good luck with the photos! xx

  13. The photos are amazing! Good luck with your assignment, as well!

  14. haha same two photos! they're beautiful huh. love this post.

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..i'm hoping the rest of '09 will have a positive light on it. people say life is what you make of it, but it seems hard when all this stuff is out of my control!

    and i know what you mean about assignments..i've had the same deal today. it really is like drawing blood from a stone.. and its so much harder when theres beautiful things like nice blogs to distract me!