Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Searching for crazy wisdom

I'm crazy about this style of decorating at the moment, I really like the white and neutral tones, so simple and clean. I used to love bright colours, I never imagined I'd enjoy such a pared down neutral palette but I really, really am loving it. (via Elle Decoration SA)

Loving all of these - the ethereal beauty of Lovenia's SS09 Spring collection (via Siagrafica), candleholders by Jean Pelle Designs (via Visual Notes), and the cutest little mugs by Skinny Laminx.

This is the sweetest photo, I adore the styling and the light.

I want these beautiful sunny Autumn days we are having right now to last forever. Today I wish could stay at home and sit in the garden instead of having to go to work later. I love this picture, I need a sofa just like this and flags strung out in the trees. I'll sit here and read, and drink homemade lemonade.

These remind me of something out of the Arabian nights, the colours are so intense and heavenly.

I want this couch, I love the style and the colour. (by stylist Selina Lake via Made by Girl)

(Picture credits: 3-6 via Foto Decadent)


  1. I'm in love with all things white when it comes to interior design too! Anything that looks french chic is my favourite.

  2. yeahy !!i actually own a pink pair of the shoes !! adorable !

  3. thank you!
    I adore that couch in the garden!

  4. the photo with the sofa in the garden, ahh... bliss :)))) and the last one, so clean and fresh.
    thanks for the comment!

  5. I love that style of decorating too, and the black-and-white photographs you selected are great, and those mugs are too cute!

  6. these wooden candleholders are really lovely :)

  7. Lovely post, I liked all of it!

  8. the photographs are exquisite! i'm especially loving the candleholders---mixing function and aesthetics at the same time is perfect in my book. great imagery!

    hope you could drop by my site sometime

    much love