Friday, April 24, 2009

I dream of romance edged in beauty

Today I decided to do a post of dreamy interiors that I've been collecting and wanted to share. In some way, each room appeals to me - I like the simplicity, and the touches of romantic vintage, and the restful but pretty colours. Each space is a place I could dream in and be at be peace, and each room is a reflection of the owners personality - to me, these are some of the important elements of the dream house I have in my mind. What would your dream house be like, and where would it be?

Have a happy weekend dear friends.

(Picture credits: Firsthome; Dwellings & Decor; Nom-nom-nom; Sweet Home Style)


  1. adore that tropical excotic bed in whereever that is...I can feel the humid air! Lovely weekend to you beautiful! ~XO*

  2. My only condition is that there has to be a lot of light and big windows with a nice view. Because I pretty much have double personality, I'd like to have a spacious apartment in some high-rise residential building, overlooking one of my favourite cities. And a cottage house somewhere in the countryside in my homeland, complete with the cliche decor. Oh, and a house by the sea, because I love the seaside in my country, simple design, sort of Scandinavian style, a lot of white, wooden, terrace... As far as other countries go, I'd like to have enough money to stay in the most beautiful hotels there - I love room service ;D
    As for design, usually I'm leaning towards simplicity. Walls in neutral colours + dark wooden floor and furniture, sheepskin rug, dark chocolate leather couch, beige marble in the kitchen + "feminine" accecories to balance it out - chandelier, mirror in a baroque golden frame, pink ( ;)) tulips in simple, clear glass vases, you get the idea. I hate clutter. Fashion mags would be displayed on a coffee table, stacked neatly ;D
    I could go on and on, interior design is so inspirational.

  3. ohhh i want to cry!!
    that round bed is definitely my favorite!!!

    - My dream houseee... HMMMM...
    Ok I would want to have like 10 houses all over the world and every single house with be designed different so then I can go to a house depending on the mood I´m in... For example for some 60s glamour, Paris it would be. For some trendy, modern, edginess... New York here I come... For some spiritual, earthy times... Hawaii perhaps???

    Ok I dream wayyy too much! :) Hah!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on my chocolate teacups I love your blog..its gorgeous!!!!

  5. oh these rooms are so dreamy ...I'm in love.

  6. i'm loving all of these rooms! my requirements for my dream home change all the time, and i think the location would change with time, too. right now, i'd love to be in paris or amsterdam in a space with lots of light, natural wood, lots of space and surrounded by things that inspire me. kinda vague, but that's because i change my mind all the time :)

  7. Such gorgeous images, made all the more special by the beautiful quotes you picked to go with them. Love that first quote especially - this is so true for me.

  8. Some lovely interiors here, I am loving all the white-washed wood.

  9. this is such an awesome post!
    i have an interior design project coming up so i printed out all of these rooms!
    thankyou soo much!

  10. I love love love the first photo! I'd love to sleep there for one night