Monday, April 13, 2009

Today feels like Sunday

Even though it's a Monday, since today is a holiday, the last day of a long weekend, it feels like Sunday. The Sunday evening blues, trying to forget that tomorrow the real world will intrude again, trying to pretend that tonight will last longer than it really will.

It's not that I hate my life, I really don't, I just love the freedom of weekends, the escape from the routine of weekdays, time to potter around and do my own thing.

I am quite a home body. Home is where I can be at peace, be myself, no pretence, no having to ever wear a mask or try to act more confident than I really feel. Sometimes I don't answer the phone because I want to keep the real world out.

I love the feeling of beautiful solitude

Time alone to think

To dream

To indulge my imagination

I savour this precious time I can be in my home, it's my world, it's the safety and comfort of my own creation

I am surrounded by my books, my music, things that inspire me

And so I will try and banish any melancholy feelings and beat back the Monday Sunday blues, read a few more pages of my book, help my boyfriend make a nice supper, watch some Ugly Betty, take pleasure in a quiete evening at home......

(Picture credits: 1 & 3: via parachuteshark; 2, 5, 5, 6, 7: via Grungegypsy; 8-10: Camilla Akrans)


  1. i love that first photo! your blog is SO inspirational! =)

  2. thanks! i'll be sure to post about any sightings!

    gorgeous post by the way. i just love that first picture.

  3. that's a really lovely post..
    xo k

  4. Love all these photos, they are my daily dose of inspiration. I stole a few of your photos for my blog's sidebar, hope thats ok?

  5. The images are so lovely and inspirational!

    And thank you for such a sweet comment... yes, I'd definitely love to swap links.


  6. Ohhh i am SO the same. I really cherish my "me" time and just being at home, lost in my imagination.

    Beautiful xx

  7. I'm quite the same : )
    passing time at home or in the garden or looking out of the window alone with my thoughts and imagination is the best way to relax.
    I really really adore your blog.
    You have a very sweet taste in picking images.

  8. What beautiful pictures. I love weekends too, I just feel more like myself....

  9. beautiful images, i too really like camilla's work!