Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am consumed by you and everything is you

A long post today....I think I got a bit carried away....there are just so many beautiful and interesting images to discover. Tomorrow I'm starting my photography course, looking so forward to it. I'm doing a course on the fundamentals of digital photography. I've got a sort of decent digital camera, nothing spectacular, so the teacher recommended I hire a better camera for the classes which is what I'm doing. I know some of the functions on my camera but there is still so much about photography that I want to know, so it will be good to finally learn all the basics, and then after the course, once I have a better idea of what I'm doing I'll go buy a decent camera.

And now for something a little more dreamy....Wouldn't you love to have a little beach cottage to play in when the city gets too loud? (Pictures of Devon Aoki via Ecstacy Lover)

(Picture credits: 1,2,13,14,15 via Ru Photo; 3-5, 11: via Ecstacy Lover; 6: Caroline Newell; 7: Muse Management; 8&9: Rodeo Magazine; 10: Maxime Ballesteros; 12: Emily Scannell; 22-24: Art by Neo Innov via Ru Photo)


  1. i LOVE those hippy-chic photos!


  2. Those are such beautiful pictures...all of them really...even the ones of Devin Aoki (I dont like her very much but the photographs ARE lovely).
    I sometimes eat bananas in yogurt and honey too, but I usually only about 1 tsp of crushed peanuts over mine...

  3. I am in love with so so many of these and Devon is divine as always. x

  4. Such visual delights...D Aoki is always so excotic!

  5. Such a lovely post. I love the Cinthia Dicker and the Emma Watson photos.

  6. are you going to be posting your own pics? say yes!