Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's cold out there, but I'm warm inside

Today I'm feeling inspired by
pink, pink, pink, happy and bright.
Pink to banish away the blues
pink to wipe away black and
all the other colours and tones of sadness, fear or worry.

Today I'm inspired by love,
and by a cozy house
keeping the icy wind outside.

I hope this pink post will make you happy. I especially love the second picture, there's just something very compelling about it. It's one of my favourite images - unfortunately it's been saved on my computer for ages, and I can't remember where I found it.

(Picture credits: 1: art by me, 2: sorry, can't remember, all the rest via We Heart It)


  1. another visual delights from you darling!
    Sweet delicious pink always makes me smile... ~XO*

  2. I love pink, and will never get tired of it... It's so cute, girly, and adorable:) The pictures you've found are beautiful!

  3. you've got to be kidding me ;D I had an almost identical idea for a post two days ago - I took all the pink things I could find in my room and started taking pictures, but I realised later that they would look so much batter, say, scattered on the grass. So I'm putting off that post :)) I was inspired by my new raspberry pink pants from hm (turns out you only need bright coloured pants to act more confident) and the ridiculously overpriced raspberries that I bought because they smelled divine and matched my outfit ;) I left on display some of those little pink things I had hidden all over my room - they immediately cheer me up ;) But then again how can I not love pink if my room at home is painted in the shade of strawberry milkshake :)))
    (that was most probably my longest commment ever. got a bit too excited ;))

  4. Ah, the Winnie the Pooh quote! I loev it so much, very adorable. And the first picture/quote seems like how a lot of people feel in adolescence.

  5. the pictures are so beutiful.... :)

  6. These pictures are really beautiful and the commentary alongside fits them to a tee. It almost makes me sad this post :*(

  7. i LOVe that second photo!

  8. So sweet! This definitely put a amile on my face. I love the picture of the girl in the suitcase... utterly adorable.