Friday, April 24, 2009

This is not an elegy...

I don't usually do two posts in one day, but I stumbled across a most beautiful poem via Poetry 365 called This is not an Elegy by Catherine Pierce. It somehow reached right into my soul, and inspired me.....and before I knew it, I was blogging away.....I remember being sixteen, all the heartache, and insecurity, the crushes never returned, the yearning for love.....

At sixteen, I was illegal and brilliant,
my fingernails chewed to half-moons.
I took off my clothes in a late March
field. I had secret car wrecks,
secret hysteria. I opened my mouth
to swallow stars.

In backseats
I learned the alchemy of guilt, lust,
and distance. I was unformed and total.
I swore like a sailor. But slowly the cops
stopped coming around. The heat lifted
its palms. The radio lost some teeth.

Now I see the landscape behind me
as through a Claude glass—
tinted deeper, framed just so, bits
of gilt edging the best parts.

I see my unlined face, a thousand
film stars behind the eyes. I was
every murderess, every whip-
thin alcoholic, every heroine
with the silver tongue. Always young
Paul Newman’s best girl. Always
a lightning sky behind each kiss.

Some days I watch myself
in the third person, speak to her
in the second. I say: I will
meet you in sleep.

I will know you
by your stillness and your shaking.
By your second-hand gown.
By your bruises left by mouths
since forgotten.

This is not
an elegy because I cannot bear
for it to be. It is only a tree branch
against the window. It is only a cherry
tomato slowly reddening in the garden.
I will put it in my mouth. It will
be sweet, and you will swallow.

(Picture credits: all pics via Grungegypsy)


  1. wow. this is beautiful. love your posts :)

  2. oh wow. i'm lost with words...

  3. You cannot imagine the immense deep sigh that this poem gave me. In many ways I see myself in this poet, how she describes her youth and how she feels now that she is older. I think this will speak volumes with many people :). Thanks for posting this :)

    Eeli x

  4. I love the images you posted. They're breath taking. The poem was very beautiful also. Thanks for you comments. <3

  5. Beautiful poem, thanks for breaking your routine to post it.

  6. Love the poem, I can see why it inspired you and the images were so beautifully chosen :)

  7. ...touching words for such moods that are reflected in the photographs- Lovely*weekend2U*

  8. The poem and these images are SO beautiful. *sigh* to be sixteen... I feel old when I think about how long ago that was, yet I often feel I'm still at that age now.

    all those pictures remeber me to the old times, the hippie and 68er stuff. the time where i wasn't on earth. i like that a lot.

  10. I LOVE UR BLOG!!
    the first pic is woww!

  11. Nice poet.. and love your taste in pictures ;)

  12. so touching...
    and all these photos are incredibly beautiful, thanks for it all!

  13. Beautiful post!The text and the pictures blend in a perfect fantasy...Love it! PS:I added your blog to my blog roll. I hope you don't mind.

  14. that was...beautiful. and perfectly illustrated...

  15. Wow, the poem is incredible and I love how the photos compliment it!

  16. your post is so beautifull, I love all the picturs, like the poem

  17. wow, inspiring blog! thanks for your comment, i'm having a nice time reading your posts! x

  18. Those photos are absolutely amazing. You're so beautiful! :)

  19. Love the poem, and once again stunning photos!

  20. these picture are so gorgeous!

  21. Beautiful post.

    I love the light, the originality... everything.


  22. Suchh a gorgeous poem. I love the photos you've chosen to go with it -really awesome post! xx

  23. that's a wonderfully lovely peom. It really touched me. I love the fantastic and romantic photos in between too....

  24. This poem is so beautiful, I love the images you picked to go with it too. x

  25. Aww thank you for the comment. :)

  26. yikes,
    now that is a wonderful poem.

    all of those photos are so dreamy. especially the light splattered second one. i'm fascinated by it.

    i shall definitely come by your blog again, its lovely.

    chelsea jade.

  27. I love all these photos. I guess this is how I want my life to be - at some point...
    take care!

  28. That is a beautiful poem - and such lovely images to go along with it!!

  29. love this poem so honest - and the pictures are perfect with it!

  30. Beautiful poem and beautiful pictures! Your blog is a world of beauty:)