Friday, March 27, 2009

Keeping my head above water

The wedding I went to last night was so beautiful. Just small and intimate with about twenty guests. The ceremony was held at the couple's house, they had some long white candles in simple, elegant silver candle holders, and rose petals scattered on the floor. They exchanged vows that they had written themselves, and with only close friends and family present, they created an atmosphere of incredible warmth and intimacy. Standing there, my heart seemed to swell in my chest, and I experienced one of those magical moments when you feel real love, and truth and honesty, and you almost want to burst into tears from the beauty of it all.

Right now I am loving simple white decor, and uncluttered spaces. I don't think I'd like to live in a house that is pure white, I need splashes of colour, but I'm still admiring these dreamy interiors, and although it's all white, it's not too minimalist, it still has lovely touches of a romantic style. (Pictures by photographer Alexander van Berge via Purple Area) (Picture credits not mentioned above: 1:via Ffffound; 2:by photographer WC Zoraj-Wieczorem; 3: via)

I'm feeling totally inspired by these beautiful journal pages by Erin at Design for Mankind (via sfgirlbay). After looking at them I feel like I need to immedietely go start working on my own art journals which I have neglected over this past week.

Picture credit: Akane (via sfgirlbay)

Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a lovely little poem, and the photographs are so clean - there is a fresh airy quality about them. The wedding sounds just beautiful, and so sweetly romantic...

  2. lovely pictures... the wedding seems to have been lovely too ! thanks for your comment...friday was better indeed, but i'm glad it's now the weekend... !!

  3. The wedding sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the pictures you chose, especially the shoes on the stairs. x

  4. the white rooms remind me of the little set Liebemarlene has, where she takes the pictures for her store. I'd like to have one wall painted entirely white somewhere in my house, it breathes such serenity. And those scrapbookpages are very inspiring indeed!

  5. know what you mean about beauty in simplicity... like the beauty you find in truth

  6. what a lovely post :)
    The wedding sounds beautiful - I think intimate, personal weddings are the best.

    I like white and simplicity too, as long as it doesn't get minimalistic.

  7. that wedding sounded amazing. and you have a great way of writing :)

    love the images, love the post!