Monday, March 30, 2009

I will wait for you forever

Even if life is good, I think it's still important to have the space to dream. No matter how far away or impossible your dreams might seem now, who knows what the future will bring. Dreams help to keep your hopes alive. When you're caught up in the impossible speed of day to life, and many of your hours are fulled with paperclips, fluorescent lights, dirty socks and barking dogs, it's easy to forget your inner hopes and desires. Your dreams help you stay true to yourself, to remember who you are, and what you want for your life.

This beautiful editorial reminded me of a dream I used to have about running off to live with the hippies, I imagined a world without deadlines, or offices or places to be at on time. I'd live in a community of love and integrity, grow my own vegetables, and weave garlands of flowers for my hair. I am a hopeless romantic, but my idealism (mostly) is tempered with a healthy dose of reality so I never did decide to run off and join the hippies, I reckon that living in a teepee might be fun for....well, about a day, and the hippies I came across always seemed to live a pretty much hand to mouth existence, living off their arts and crafts and tye dye T-shirts. That dream has changed.....I'd still like to be able to drop out for a couple of months at some stage, do a bit of travelling, maybe live for a while in a remote beach cottage......but definitely no hippies involved.

(Picture credits: 1,10&12: We heart it; 2-7 & 13-14: Foto Decadent; 8: Buhoazul; 9: Stefania Paparelli; 11 & 15: me-kissing her cage good-bye)


  1. Wow i love that first editorial! Gorgeous :)

  2. lovely post....i love to dream..i do it everyday, from the smallest, miningless dream to the crazy, very unlikely's sooo great and it keeps me from crying most of the time ;-)

  3. thanks we totally did!

    i am obsessed with that models long braids and those bird tattoos.

  4. This is beautiful. I love the photos.