Thursday, March 26, 2009

The sky is far away today

Tonight I'm going to a wedding of two people very dear and special to me. I can't wait, they've been together for ever and ever and it's so amazing that they're finally tying the knot. It's going to be just a small, understated affair with close friends and family and I love those kind of occassions the best. Somehow they end up being more real and meaningful.

These little owls are too cute, I need them for my bedroom so they can watch over me at night. (by Skunk Boy Creatures)

(Picture credits: Images 1 & 2: photography by folie-a-deux; image 3 via This is My Heart; images 4-8: by photographer Lloyd Hughes; images 9-11: by photoographer i.anton
Quote credits: Quote Book & This is My Heart


  1. ~fully agree with you on the small affair for weddings being more real and meaningful
    ~amazing images and an incredible blog

  2. lovely photos!
    I hope you will have a good time at the weeding.

  3. lovely post and beautiful picture ! i love weddings eventough the last one i went to was like 10 years ago

  4. I added you also.
    The photographs are just so lovely...the wedding also sounds like it will be just beautiful...

  5. I love the polaroids and the quotes. Enjoy the wedding! x

  6. The wedding sounds lovely.

    These pictures are fantastic! I can't get over the three with hearts.

  7. i'm loving this post!!!!


  8. your blog! so glad you stopped by mine...i'm gonna link to you, such great stuff!

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