Saturday, May 9, 2009

I searched, but no one else had your rhythms

I don't know where time has gone, it seems that the last week has gone past so quickly and I can't believe that we're already almost half way through 2009! It was my birthday earlier this week, I kept it pretty much low key, went out for dinner with family and friends, it was really nice and I was VERY spoilt, for my birthday present I got a Nikon D60 and I was just about delirious with excitement, I wasn't expecting it. Tomorrow morning I will be up at the crack of dawn to go on a photography expedition with my photography class to the botanical gardens. I'm looking forward to it, although not to getting up at 5.00am, it will be very cold and dark brrrrr.....The first pic below I took with my new camera, I enjoy doing stil llifes, and flowers, I have a loooooong way to go to improve, but I'm totally enjoying the journey:) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

(Picture credits: 1: me; 2 & 3: We heart it; 4: via grungegypsy; 5: via tree hugger; 6 & 7: via Ru photo)
(Title credit: Pablo Neruda)


  1. We are already half way through 2009, oh dear thanks for reminding me! Happy Birthday too, have fun taking pic.s!

  2. wow! happy birthday!
    it's my birthday tomorrow!

    i like being a child of may.
    it seems romantic somehow.

    congratulations on the camera.
    your first photograph is lovely.

    chelsea jade.

  3. What an awesome birthday present. Hope you have the most fun in the world using it. Can't wait for you to share some of your pictures with us :)

  4. Happy belated... you have the most gorgeous pictures on your blog. It's such a treat to read every day :)

  5. Happy birthday! Cool present...I'm sure you'll make some stunning pictures with it.

  6. first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dear :)
    and also I send you my best wishes for your photography lesson, I know you will excel it.

    and again, this is a wonderful set of inspiring pics, I just couldn't pick my favs.

    agnes xx

  7. Oh happy belated birthday! These pictures are so pretty :) thank you x

  8. oooo Bon anniversaire Sarah!!! what a nice present and what a cute first pic !! I know, it's almost june already, freaking crazy !!!