Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

Today I feel like I'm going nowhere slowly, it's this cold weather. At first I enjoyed the change of season and the colder temperatures, I am so over that now....and I want Summer. I'm dreaming of lying on a beach, eating ice-cream and watching the light sparkle on the ocean. Today's photo's are by the talented Linda Sagum. You'll find more of her pictures here and here.

(Title credit: Pablo Neruda)


  1. gorgeous find!
    i love your blog

  2. wow, they're perfect
    or as close to perfect as pictures I've ever seen.

  3. Very beautiful pictures! We can exchange is too hot for me (31 degrees Celsius) and it's still spring....I'm afraid of how hot will be during summer. I don't have a beach and ocean in Bucharest, but I'm sure I can find some delicious ice cream for you:)

  4. lovely photos. they make me long for warmer weather. i live in a horrible climate. despite the fact that may is coming to a close, it still managed to snow the other day. i nearly died of a broken heart.

  5. The photos are beautiful! It's raining in Norway today... Where has the lovely sun gone? It's supposed to be summer, but it doesn't feel like it;) Hope you'll have a great weekend:)

  6. loooove these picture, great finds! and thanks for you tag:)

  7. beautiful, it is great to be a girl and all the softness and textures that come with it!

  8. Beautiful blog !
    these pictures are so pretty ! I like the last one very much !