Friday, June 19, 2009

All pictures from We Heart It, except Luisa Beccaria models from and photo of girl with flower hat in 2nd collage from Little Thing magazine. Middle photo via Daydream Lily


  1. the quotes you chose, your own words and questions ring so true for me. i think it gets easier as you get older. you'll know yourself better, discover whose opinions matter and whose doesn't, and learn to trust yourself more.

  2. What an insightful post. I think there are some very few people out there who are overly confident, but even they will probably wake up one day and want to do something different. I think it's very human not to know what you want... just because there are so many choices out there. It's probably the dilemma of having so many possibilities and opportunities. I know many people who are stuck in office jobs but would love to write, or people who wish to be more creative.

    Love those LB dresses by the way. You've got a lovely blog :)

  3. the quotes, the images, your words... so inspirational :-D keep hoping, dreaming, laughing and everything will be alright, and if that doesn't work i always find a cup of tea solves any problem

  4. Intresting qoute, i will have to think about that too!

  5. I think I know what I want, I mean I couldn't want anything else than what I have right now.. but really have I the right to have everything as it is just now? I just kinda stumbled blindly into it all being that way. I never think about things too much and maybe it will all splinter around my feet one day but I guess its working out okay just now...


  6. yes, i feel that way sometimes. i am more myself in front of certain people. especially at work, with my colleagues, cause i'm around them all the time, i can be the real me. of course around family i can. but around some people it's just a bit scary to release my true colours. i guess they don't bring out 'the best in me' =) sometimes it takes time to get comfortable enough in front of someone to be the real you.

    i think someone can be confident - only in certain things. no one is confident all round. there are always things that a person will feel insecure about and therefore are not extremely confident - but seem it only because that's what they portray. that's how i see it.

    we don't have to be confident, but it's good to be confident at what we're good at, and have high self worth. self worth is much more important.

    hope you have a wonderful day. thanks for your inspirational words.


  7. its so hard to be yourself when you
    cant see yourself clearly... like the
    way that other people do... i
    think thats why we try to
    express so much.. put
    the inside out there
    to see what it really
    looks like.. and
    then see if we
    like it at all.
    thanks for making me think about it